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Characteristics of Effective Instruction


Digital Bloom's

Digital Bloom's Wiki

Web Sites for CT meeting #2

Approaches to Learning (ASCD Site with tons of links)

Fun websites to make students analyze and create to demonstrate learning. We will use these during the CT Meeting!






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Characteristics of Effective Instruction and Bloom's Taxonomy Examples

Videos on Feedback

Articles on Feedback

Changes as a result of the Common Core ELA Standards

ELA and Content Areas Examples
The English Language Arts Standards: Key Changes and Their Evidence

Literacy in Other Disciplines

Rethinking Literacy

Literacy in Social Studies and Science - Gates Foundation

Writing to Inform and Make Arguments

Literary Non-Fiction in Grades 6-12: Opening New Worlds for Teachers and Students

Text-Dependent Analysis in Action: Examples from Dr. MLK, Jr.'s "Letter from a Birmingham Jail"

Math Examples
The Mathematics Standards: How They Were Developed and Who Was Involved

Shifts in Mathematics as a result of the Common Core

Interpreting Algebraic Expressions

Stop GPSing students - Create a Google Map

The Mathematics Standards - Key Changes and their Evidence

The Importance of Mathematical Practices

Videos on Learning Targets

Alignment Tool for GLB's, Learning Targets, Tasks/Activities

Learning Target Chapter from "Learning Targets: Helping students aim for understanding in today's lesson"

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy article and information

Social Studies Examples for the Knowledge Dimension

CTE and FL Examples for Knowledge Dimension

Science Examples for Knowledge Dimension

Language Arts Examples for Knowledge Dimension

Iowa Core

Oskaloosa Core Courses At-a-Glance

Resource Purchasing Information and Tools

Alignment Tools

Creating and Aligning Assessments

Project Based Learning

Buck Institute for Education (BIE)

Project Based Learning - Edutopia

Math and Science PBL ideas

Characteristics of Effective Instruction

Iowa Assessments - Practice Test Booklets

Links to Resources


Rubistar - create your own rubrics!!

Project-Based Learning: Checklists to support project based learning evaluation

Teachknowlogy - create rubrics on-line

Collaboration Rubric

Assessment and Rubric Information - this site has several useful links

Rubrics and Evaluation Resources - lots of good examples and links

Scientific Report Rubric

Understanding Rubrics - this site has explanation and also sample rubrics

Rubric for Multimedia Presentation - PowerPoint

Rubrics for Assessments - has many links to sites that have many links!

Rubrics for Teachers - Teacher Planet - this site has tons of examples

Rubric Creator Resources - many of these links are listed above - but a good general place to start

Using Rubrics - many examples

Assessment Information/Articles

Student Tools to Use - Formative Assessments

Student Goal Setting

Students identifying the Learning Target

Planning Tool for Projects

Self Assessment

When work must be shown - Math or Science problem solving

Collaborative Analysis of Student Learning and Tuning Protocol

CASL - Collaborative Analysis of Student Learning - a book by ASCD

The Big 6 and the Super 3

Check out the Curriculum Connection Blog for more information on the Big 6 and the Super 3!!!!

What is the Big 6 - Website dedicated to the process

Other Resources ANYONE can use!!

Use it for in ANY curricular area - this is VERY cool - Check it out!!
  • Google Squared - This is VERY cool too! Choose a category and Google Squared puts the information into a table
You can choose the category Google has created, do your own search, or start from scratch. Worth looking at!!!

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