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  • Wild About Math!
    • Richard Rusczyk – Inspired by Math #39
      I never did much math competition in middle school or high school although I did score well on the MAA competition and on the Math SAT and I went to public junior and high schools that you had to test into. Nonetheless, I have always been fascinat...
    • Sue VanHattum – Inspired by Math #38
      Sue VanHattum is a math professor, blogger, mother, author/editor, and fundraiser. She's a real powerhouse of motivation for making math fun and accessible to more of our young folks. Sue has teamed up with a number of writers to compile a book, "...
    • Lou DiGioia – Inspired by Math #37
      Lou DiGioia, executive director of MATHCOUNTS, and I tried to do a podcast a couple of months ago. The audio had some serious problems and we produced a transcript instead. It was a great discussion although I asked way too much about the human Pa...

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