Language Arts GLB's

February Meeting Resources

Genre Study Resources

Middle School Teaching - Genre

Middle School and High School Genre/Theme ideas

Angela Maiers talking about Genres

Genre Study Lesson Ideas and Resources

Read it, Write it, Tell it - lesson ideas for Genre

Edutopia - Engaging MS students in Reading

Workshop Vidoes/Audio File

Lucy Calkins research and products
  1. Why Reading Workshop?

Reader's Workshop resources - Lucy Calkins
  1. Basal versus Workshop

Angela Maiers Presents

Edutopia - Workshop at the MS

The Writing Process Resources

Reading/Genre Study Resources - novel study units and more
Genre Studies Resource Guide
Elementary Workshop website - Reader's Workshop, Writer's Workshop resources

Academic Vocabulary

11 Tips on Teaching Common Core Academic Vocabulary
The Critical Words
Common Core Essential - one district's list of K-12 ELA Academic Vocabulary (Includes the other content areas as well)
The Common Core Conversation - this site has several lists and other resources as well
Vocabulary Instruction and the Common Core - an Illinois site
Shift #6 - Academic Vocabulary - a NY site

Iowa Core

Appendix B - Exemplars and samples are in the Iowa Core link - too big

Lexile Scores and What they Mean

Common Core

Complex Texts and the Common Core Literacy Expectations

Close Reading and the Common Core Expectations

Language Arts Mission Statement and Course Purposes

Language Arts At-a-Glance

Video Example - Characteristics of Effective Instruction

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